Three Things to Know Before Starting a Ketogenic Lifestyle
Starting Keto?


3 Important Things To Know Before Starting a Ketogenic lifestyle


Keto is short for a Ketogenic lifestyle or diet if that is what you want to call it. It involves putting your body into a state of nutritional ketosis. It is not the same as keto acidosis which is a medical condition related with high blood sugar levels.  It is not a diet but a way of eating. As most of you know diets do not work, we take off a few pounds only to gain the weight back as soon as we go off the diet. When you decide to start eating keto, you really must commit to it because it does take about 6-8 weeks to get your body really adapted to burning fat for fuel instead of glucose. It does not work well to eat foods that are not keto as it can take you out of ketosis and then it will take time again to get back to that state. You are better off to keep your body in this state for optimal benefits both for weight loss and health.  If you feel you must have something that you know is not keto, try to find a keto substitute such as Lily’s chocolate bars if you crave sweets. You are better off to avoid these foods in the beginning but if you must, a keto treat is better than a non-keto treat.



You should check your ketones. You can find the ketone test strips at any drug store or online. Many people will say they are a waste of money because they will stop working eventually. They will stop working at about 6-8 weeks, when your body becomes fat adapted. I feel like by that time you will know if you genuinely want to make a ketogenic lifestyle a permanent way of eating. At that point you may want to consider purchasing a ketone blood meter to check your ketones. I have had many clients that were frustrated that they were not losing any weight on keto and when I ask if they are checking their ketones that answer is usually no. When I ask what they are eating, they are usually including some non keto foods still and that is why they are not in ketosis. The test strips are a great way for you to measure and learn when you are in ketosis and you can even judge how they go up and down based on the foods that you eat.



You need to add more sea salt to your food. I like to use Redmond’s Real Salt. A good sea salt is not white. I also like Celtic sea salt, but it is more of a moist salt and does not do well in a shaker but works great to pinch out of a container at the stove.  These salts contain minerals which will be especially important so that you can avoid the keto flu when starting a keto lifestyle. In addition to adding more salt, I also like to supplement with an electrolyte drink in my first bottle of water each day. My favorite one is Ultima electrolytes. You just want to be sure there is no sugars with the electrolytes. Many of them on the market contain sugar or even undesirable artificial sweeteners.



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