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The Personal Touch Keto Diet Coach 

Our philosophy is to help our clients to discover the root cause of their health problems and guide them on the path to total health. We believe in supporting the body with quality nutrients to achieve optimal health. As a keto diet coach, our focus is helping our clients to get great results and improved overall health.


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What is Essential Nutrition?

Most so called “diets” don’t work for everyone and when they do they are not a permanent solution. Essential nutrition is the concept of nourishing your whole self, including your mind, body, spirit and emotions. This can include such things as your career, relationships, spirituality and exercise. Every person is different and doesn’t fit into a specific diet, hence the reason that most people are not successful at maintaining weight loss for any length of time.


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What We Can Offer


Private consultations

Jan Wallin is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Health Coach. She can assist you in learning about nourishing your whole self with a focus on whole foods. She believes in the concept of  Essential Nutrition.  Jan can also help you to choose herbal supplements that can keep you on your path to optimal health.  She realizes the importance of looking for the root cause of illness and helping her clients to realize what may have happened in their past or in their current life,  may play a significant role in their current health. She has personally lived the keto lifestyle for over 3 years and as a keto diet coach has helped many clients realize the great benefits achieved with a low-carb, Ketogenic lifestyle.



This service is only available to local clients.

We will take a photo of both of your eyes using a special camera attached to the computer. We will then go over the different aspects of your eyes that show some aspects of your health.


Pranic Healing

Jan is certified in advanced pranic healing. Prana is the Sanskrit word for the life force that sustains us physically, emotionally and mentally. Because we are Spiritual Beings with a physical body, proper attention to care for the energy fields is vital to our overall health and well-being. Pranic Healing® is a specialized off-the-body natural healing technique that utilizes Prana or “Life Force Energy” to create proper balance of this invisible bio-energy that keeps the body alive and in good health.  This natural healing modality offers a powerful complement to conventional medicine.