Jan Wallin is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Health Coach. She can assist you in learning about nourishing your whole self with a focus on whole foods. She believes in the concept of Essential Nutrition, to learn more click here. Jan can also help you to choose herbal supplements that can keep you on your path to optimal health.  She realizes the importance of looking for the root cause of illness and helping her clients to realize what may have happened in their past or in their current life,  may play a significant role in their current health.

Please  call 816-863-5758 to schedule a consultation or click on one of the options below to schedule online.

We offer private health coaching sessions by appointment only. You can either come in person or we can schedule a time convenient for both of us by phone for a basic consultation.


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Schedule an appointment on Visibook
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 I believe that the secret to good health is to have the knowledge to make good decisions about the food you eat and the activities that you participate in. At each session we will explore your individual needs and make changes along the way as you are ready for them.


I will encourage you to become aware of all aspects of your life (body, mind, spirit and emotions) so that you may live a healthier and more fulfilling life.


Your life will be transformed as we discover what your individual needs are and address them with a plan that is designed just for you based on your bio-individuality.


We will begin by going over your personal health history and discussing  your primary concerns for the consultation. We will discuss the importance of Essential Nutrition. Together we will determine the best course of action from diet changes to supporting your emotional health.  The consultation is all about you,  so you will determine what course of action is best for you and I will be there to support you.  If you are having a consultation in person then we will do a  compass scan just to see what  supplements are being recommended at this time and then compare those with what we have discussed.  No product purchase is required.


We will take a photo of both of your eyes using a special camera attached to the computer. We will then go over the different aspects of your eyes that show some aspects of your health.  we can help identify systems and organs in your body that may be inflamed, or over- or underactive.  It cannot, however, diagnose specific diseases—all it can do, at best, is give an indication of your systemic strengths or weaknesses. Supplements will be recommended and you can decide what makes the most since for you based on your own current health.


The compass bio-scan is included in any in person consultation. It is really a great tool to help to determine your bodies preferences to certain nutritional products. We have been using this technology for over 6 years and find it to be very accurate.


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